Last year Christmas day was sort of a bomb in my mind. The kids had a great time opening presents. But then they just played with them alllll at once and I remember sitting there, overwhelmed at looking at everything. We didn’t set any expectations going into the day, so we left it as is. And I’m sure they felt overwhelmed too! Today on the blog, I’m sharing with you two key steps to create more simplicity on Christmas day.

Two key steps to create more simplicity on Christmas day

  1. Focus on one good thing at a time.
    When there is too much going on, even in our own lives, it’s SO hard to focus when there are ten things bombarding us all at once. We are not created for so much at once, but one good thing at a time.
  2. Go slowly.
    Nothing kills the mood more than speeding through things. Through life. Through the good things. Pacing and going slowly can help us be more present and savour the moments. A blog, “The joy of a slow and simple Christmas” states:

So I wonder, as you enter into a season of social expectation and bustle, what are the most important traditions or memories you want to pass along to your children? How might you slow down and simplify to make space for a joy-filled holiday that is, above all, about delighting in these people you share life with?

And this year? We wrote down some new routines and guidelines we are putting into place to help create more simplicity and peace on Christmas day. We have been sharing these with the kids before Christmas day too to prepare them in advance.

Our intentions and routine to create more simplicity on Christmas Day:

Dwell in the one good thing at a time.

Eat breakfast, sing songs and pray. Slowly.

Unwrap one gift at a time and really take it in.

Tidy up as we go. Pace the excitement.

Play with one thing at a time.

No, it won’t be perfect, but if we don’t show our kids how to slow down and savour one good thing at a time, who will?

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Two steps to create more simplicity on Christmas day?

1. Focus on one good thing at a time and…

2. Go slowly.

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