What do you think of when you hear the word master task list? I keep coming back to this concept for many areas of my life at home. Grocery master task list. Master work task list. And so on. I pull from it often when I’m sitting down to plan the next day. I think I keep coming back to this concept because there’s no timeframe on anything. It’s just a list. Timeframes sometimes stress me out because with having kids (at least MY kids ), timeframes just sometimes do not work at.all. at all. On the blog today, I’m sharing with you two benefits of the master task list.

It helps you to prioritize.

1. It helps you to prioritize. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I find many times if I sit down and think about what to do next in any given category that if I don’t have something written down, I get frozen in decision. Having a master list helps me to avoid that indecision and prioritize right away with looking at a list of all the things.

It helps to reduce overwhelm.

2. It helps to reduce overwhelm. I know for me that if I’m thinking about, for instance, cleaning the whole house, that that thought completely overwhelms me. But having a master task list? It shows me that yes, ok. I get it. I know how to do it (if I wanted to do it that is, that’s another matter ha!).

This fall, I’m going to apply the same method for cleaning the house. Creating a MASTER CLEANING TASK LIST. Including all of those tasks that don’t get done as often (or never) like vacuuming under the stove. I’ll pull from priorities first such as bathrooms and then periodically pull from less priority tasks here and there like wiping trim. ⁣

PS I wrote up this list above for my mail list for freebie Friday. We pretty much always keep up with tidying and mainetenance decluttering as it’s so quick for us to do now, but cleaning I’d like to have a braindump master task list so I can look at and not just pull from my brain. If you’d like that freebie, I’d be happy to send it to you too. Just drop me an email at simplehomemom@gmail.com.

More help:

A picture of the two benefits.

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