The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. - Mike Murdock
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When we work through making simpler routines for ourselves and our homes, what we will notice is more time will become freed up naturally. And we will be less full of decisions to be made on the daily! Today on the blog, I’m sharing about tips for creating routines to save time. I hope they are helpful.

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What do I mean by creating routines to save time?

Before having home routines - like for the laundry or daily kitchen tidying, we were pretty willy nilly all over the place. And inefficient. And in many ways, we were making it way more complicated and time consuming than it needed to be. I kept jumping around to different ways of doing things because I didn’t take the time to make any kind of steady routines.

Creating routines made huge changes in our home. I no longer was questioning when and how to do things on the daily. Leading to free up MORE time in my brain and in the hours of the day. I created boundaries with many things, like housework. Instead of never stopping with housework, routines created boundaries for our home life. So that way there was a better balance of work and play. Because, work never ends afterall. Laundry is never-ending. At our home, at least!

Tips for creating routines to save time

  • Be intentional with your planning. Writing things down can help commit to memory much better and have a higher chance of sticking.
  • Be consistent, yet flexible. Like with any new habit, it’s only going to be as successful as your commitment to being consistent. Allowing grace when flexibility is needed is important too because life happens.
  • If something isn’t working or doesn’t feel good, change things up or scrap the routine.
  • Move from one routine to the next. Don’t rush routine building, but test and test and keep going.

Routines to consider to have in place to save more time:

  • Morning routine for yourself and kids
  • Laundry routine
  • Dishes routine
  • Cleaning routine
  • Prepping for the day routine
  • Meal planning
  • Bedtime routine

Here are a couple blogs I found on 10 Simple Household Routines to Save Time and How to make a daily schedule that won’t ruin your day in 5 steps that may be helpful too.

Having routines can lead to a smoother, simpler home. With a bit of planning and consistency, the hard work will pay off. Work through one routine at a time, test, try again, and allow for lots of grace. And over time, more and more time will be saved, less decision fatigue will be felt, and steady routines will slowly come into place.

FREE printable list of 20 routines to look at to save time in your home

You can find that freebie HERE. And if you’d like a deeper dive into creating your routines for your home life, you’ll find a unit just on routines in my course: Simplify Your Home Life: a Course for busy moms. You can find more about the course HERE.

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