It’s no secret that family life can be TOUGH. Reinventing ourselves as a new person practically - once little people come around, but it’s important for us to find time for ourselves too in the midst of those parenting days. Today I’m sharing some creative ways to take turns finding time by yourself, with the support of a partner.

Take turns sleeping in

You could schedule one morning a week to take turns getting up with the kids. Or once a month, or twice a week. Build it into your routine. We haven’t done this in a while since we’ve had baby number #4, but we’ll go back to doing it again once and a while soon enough!

Give each other a night off

Just like scheduling in a sleeping in morning, you could build nights off into your routine too. Once a week, twice, whatever works for you and the other parent. Stay at home, go out and hang with friends (when there’s no pandemic!), basically not be on call.

Divide and conquer

Have more than one child? Dividing kids between parents gives both of you a break at the same time. We’d often send one parent with one-two kids to a program, a donut shop date, a nature hike, etc. while the other parent has the others. It’s amazing what one or two less kids feels like for a break. And during rainy days or pandemics, this could be on different floors or rooms of the house or outside/inside.

The thing about finding and taking breaks is that is if you don’t schedule them into your routine, oftentimes they just will not happen and then the inevitable may happen too - burnout. Don’t wait for burnout to take a break. How can you schedule in those breaks? Start by looking at the above tips and see how you can fit them into your life.

And if you are like me right now and are working at home as well as your partner, you may like my working at home with children guide I did up a few years ago. I’ve shared it with many friends who’ve found it very helpful! Some things may not apply during a pandemic, but there will be other things that will be helpful. Send me an email at and I’d be happy to send you that guide.

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