After a weekend break, I used to be that cheetah. The more I get done Monday, the better the rest of the week will be, I thought! I’ll be all set. Nope. It always ended up burning me out for the rest of the week. And I’m not doing myself or family any service by doing that. ⁣Today on the blog, I’m sharing with you how to ease yourself back into the week (without burning out).

1. During the recent Simplify Your Life Challenge I co-hosted, one of the tips I read about that I shared was to focus on the top three on your to do list. What a good practice that is! Top three for your daily to do list, anything else is bonus.

2. One thing that I really love doing on Mondays is catching up with little things. Like an email here and there, a comment on social media I missed. I don’t normally plan anything big for Mondays so I can catch up on the little things.

3. Writing things down has an effect of helping us see what’s to come and if we’re being reasonable too. I like to write down a basic overview the week for a general idea. It helps, especially when someone has four little people making noise in their ear and making it hard to think.

More tips on easing back into the week (after the summer)? Check this blog out here.

Let’s say no to keeping up with that cheetah pace and lead a sane, well paced life. Alright? Unless being a cheetah is your thing, that is.

Further reading? I enjoyed the book Eat that Frog for planning and procrastination tips as well as the Bullet Journal Method for simple planning.
PS if you’d like more tips just like these ones that I found for easing back into the week, send me an email at and I can send you those for free too.

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