A picture of our dining table with plates on it.

I don’t know about you, but some days here. Mealtimes can be like rushing at the speed of light to feed. the. wolves. It used to stress me out and once and a while still does…especially when I’ve been slacking in the meal planning department. Today on the blog I’m sharing with you three tips to feed the hangry children fast.

1. Meal plan

I mean, this one is a no brainer, but really, just a bit of time in advance will help SO much in the moment when there are hangry, hangry children begging for food in front of you. And I know for me, it’s really hard to think in the moment. Having a plan in advance will cut that thinking time and decision making time and get food on the table faster to feed the family. Check Jennifer over at Kids Eat in Color too, especially if your kids struggle with eating veggies! She’s a great resource.

2. Prepare in advance

Preparing certain foods in advance will reduce prep to table that much faster during meal times. Chopping carrots, preparing meats, anything to cut that time in the moment when the hangry children are ready to eat! I always regret when I don’t have it ready and you can see me in the kitchen chopping as fast as humanly possible instead. Ha!

3. Involve the kids

If the kids are able, having them involved in whatever way will help speed up the process too. Setting the table, getting out utensils. Filling the water cups. Grabbing out any food to put together. Having the kids involved will help the meals to get out faster (sometimes, let’s be honest) and there’s nothing like encouraging kids to be involved, even the youngest ones! We’ve noticed that it’s been worth the effort long term here.

And summers are GREAT times of the year to focus on fresh, quick, and finger foods. At least for our family.

PS if you’d like to work on a summer meal plan for your family, you may like what my mail list is receiving for freebie Friday this week: Summer snacks and ten meals that are quick, healthy, delicious. Feel free to send me an email at simplehomemom@gmail.com if you’d like that freebie too.

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