Are you looking at your wardrobe and sometimes feel like catching all the clothes on fire and restarting from scratch? I thankfully had a friend go through mine with me before I did that. Today on the blog, I’m sharing three key steps for tackling explosive closets.

Take inventory of your clothing first

Firstly, before I share the three key steps for tackling explosive closets, one of the first steps that I did was to take inventory of my explosive closet. Looking at everything I had and giving myself a huge reality check.

The first thing that happened for me when I looked into my closet? I had a huge wave of guilt. “Oh maybe I’ll wear them one day. Maybe I’ll wear my ripped clothes or uncomfortable dress clothes again. You know. Just in case.” (ha, right?)

A picture of a pile of clothes.

What I actually ended up booting out of my explosive closet in the beginning (the three key steps for tackling explosive closets)

  1. I removed any ripped clothing that I couldn’t or didn’t want to fix. Obvious, right? Gone!
  2. I removed anything that was uncomfortable. I mean, if I bend over and my pants rip or hurt, that really doesn’t need to be kept, right?
  3. Anything that I hadn’t worn in a year. If I don’t reach for it, it’s just collecting dust and someone else may love it more than I do (none).

How do you go from an explosive closet to a more cohesive closet?

But then, from here, I was left with not knowing which way to turn for my wardrobe. I was living a whole new life as a full time stay at home mom! I read and read and finally settled on learning about capsule wardrobes. Want to know more about how I fine tuned my whole wardrobe and follow along the simple steps? I just launched my Simple Capsule Wardrobe Guide ebook (new and updated). You can find that guide here. And. Hooray for simpler wardrobes and…not catching our clothes on fire!

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