My hoya plant next to a mirror.

I have successful killed quite a few plants over the years. I’m so sorry plants. This is including ones that shouldn’t die according to the Googles. Today on the blog I’m sharing about three indoor plants that are low maintenance plants for busy families. Also known as you get busy and forget about them for a bit, they won’t die on you. Oh. And also ones that don’t kill cats.

  1. Pictured above is my hoya plant. This one actually took a huge beating, but came back around. It’s in a thrifted kettle to boot too. It’s my favorite because it has such a rich green color. I also love how it grows up or down or sideways depending on where you put it. It does well in small spaces for growing like pictured. It does really well in lots of sunlight too.
  2. Spider plants. They’ve done really well for us and are also on the lists for being good for the air (link blog here). Keep them up high though as many cats love to eat them. They also like lots of sunlight.
  3. Wandering jews. These actually came to me through clippings! My kids and myself have snipped them accidentally a few times, but you stick them in water and they regrow roots pretty quickly. They also grow like crazy and are happy in any lighting that we’ve noticed.

Real plants not your thing and you want even more low maintenance? Animals or kids eat or destroy plants (it’s a thing here!)? Fake plants are a lot more popular nowadays, I’ve found out recently. I have not personally bought one aside from these beautiful tulips on our dining table, but have been thinking about it because I’ve always wanted a large one for the living room, but have been hesitant because of our kids. And potential rampage against a plant that’s at their level. I stumbled across Airplanto last month and they have beautiful fake plants – all of the kinds of large plants that I was looking at for our dining room eventually (maybe!). Disclaimer: the link to Airplanto is an affiliate link, which means if you love the look of them too and purchase, I’d receive % of the sale, with no price difference for you). I haven’t personally bought one though, but the reviews look good and I like the fact that they plant a tree for every purchase made.

Also this book I found – How Not to Kill Your Houseplant – may be helpful if you are completely brand new to plants or want to expand your repertoire. I haven’t read this book, but hey, it has great reviews and if you are looking to find more low key plants, this may be a good place to start learning more about them.

PS If you’d love the full list of every low maintenance plant we have kept alive as well as the ones that have terribly failed, send me an email at and I’ll send that off to you.

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