I certainly didn’t have chores “figured out” until probably the last couple years. I was spinning wheels and getting mad at chores more often than I’d like in the past because I didn’t know how to, well, tackle them. Learning how to create chore routines was not something I learned growing up. Chores just was something I did. Sort of. And also stressed me out more often than not. Can you relate too? If so, this blog is for you. I bring you: the ultimate chore checklists that don’t stress you out.

I am going to be sharing with you my valuable chore routines that I share on my Instagram almost daily and give you a deep dive into loop planning with chore routines. A much requested topic!


But, first download your chore routine printables HERE because you’ll need them for learning about loop planning through the rest of the blog!

These checklists go hand in hand to help you get your chores done and the magic is the loop chore checklist because it helps you tackle those “extra” chores at your own pace. Low/no stress! Woop! But, first. I can hear you asking: “But what does loop planning mean?” Read on to see how loop planning works with my daily chore checklists below.

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Loop planning is a fantastic strategy to use with home planning if you want to be consistent, but also don’t want to burn out. And. There are endless uses for loop planning with managing your home. My personal favourite is using a loop planning strategy for those “extra chores”.

So what’s loop planning?

Well, a loop plan is essentially a list of things or tasks that you loop through, with no regard to time. That way you never feel behind or ahead, you know?

How I organize my daily chore loop plan for those extra chores:

  • I have a list of areas that I want to work on (see the loop chore checklist above).
  • I created a master task list to refer to whenever I’m in each area (such as laundry room - wipe windows, vacuum behind washer and so on).
  • Currently I go through the loop on Monday-Thursday.
  • I decide what I want to do when I’m working on an area and then move on when I’m done (whenever that happens to be). I worked on the master bedroom windows and decluttering a couple things this week in my closet! Sometimes I’m just focusing on cleaning or just decluttering. I decide what to do each day in my loop chore area. Right now I’m doing it all because the house really needs it all (organizing, maintenance decluttering, cleaning).

You can also do loop chores by ACTIVITY such as with: mopping, vacuuming, dusting or with cleaning toilets, cleaning the tub, cleaning the windows, mopping the floor (repeat). The options are completely endless with loop planning, but I love using my area method because it’s easy to keep track of and I can prioritize what needs to be done each time. I can go through quickly or slowly depending on what mood or season of life I’m in.

I promise you that loop planning becomes easier with practice too!

Save for future reference:

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