The Simple Meal Planning Guide will help you never to become stumped with meal planning again (when/if applied).

“If you struggle with meal planning at all (or just need fresh ideas and inspiration), you would love this simple, thorough, accessible resource.” - Crystin from @delightfullyfeasting

This guide is for you if…

  • you often dread mealtimes
  • you often google meal planning type ideas
  • you often feel overwhelmed with meal planning
  • you don’t know where to start with meal planning
  • you often feel stumped and uninspired with meal planning
  • you can’t seem to find a system for meal planning that sticks
  • you would like a simple, streamlined process to meal plan that works for you in every season of life

If some or all of these sound like you, this Simple Meal Planning Guide may just be your best friend. It is full of tips and ideas. It has all kinds of ways to get yourself motivated and inspired. You will never again question yourself, “What’s for dinner?” if you follow through with creating a routine and a plan that works for you and your family. There will be a variety of suggestions and strategies so that during different seasons or days you can find one that works.

Lastly, this Simple Meal Planning Guide is about planning firstly. With a good plan, comes a good routine, and then no more scrambling to get food on the table. I cannot wait for you to dive in!

What you’ll find in the Simple Meal Planning Guide:

  • Helpful tips in the areas of planning and organizing
  • 8 helpful printables to help you meal plan
  • Steps to help guide you through the process of meal planning from start to finish
  • Bonus resources and ideas for meal planning

I’m ready to take control of my meal planning!

Pricing: $14.99 CAD (about $12 US) click HERE to purchase.

Please note: I’ll email you a copy of the Simple Meal Planning Guide within 24 hours! Email me at or find me @simplehomemom on Instagram if anything goes wonky with technology. Thanks! :)

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Kelly’s Simple Meal Planning Guide is the comprehensive guide you need so you never have to ask the question, “What’s for dinner?” (or lunch, or breakfast for that matter!)

Kelly walks you step-by-step through her process for simplifying meal planning, including:

  • Keeping all your recipes in ONE place
  • Finding the meal plan rotation system that works for you and your family
  • Fresh ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks when you feel like you’re in a rut (picky plates is my favorite!)
  • Monthly grocery planning tips
  • Amazing meal planning, inventory, grocery list, and recipe printables!

Kelly has really covered everything in this helpful guide. As she says, “Everything that is done well is usually done with a good plan.” Meal planning reduces decision fatigue and stress, and I’m grateful for Kelly for creating this resource! - Emily from @simplebyemmy

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