Balance, at least for me, has been almost impossible to obtain. I’ve chased balance for far too long and always come up with another hurdle. I was reading a pysc type blog about the seven types of rest recently and everything clicked for me even more about why finding balance is difficult and even impossible for many of us. Today on the blog I’m sharing about the myth of balance and one thing to focus on instead.

The seven types of rest

According to this blog, here are the seven types of rest:

1. Physical rest.⁣
2. Mental rest.⁣
3. Social rest.⁣
4. Creative rest.⁣
5. Emotional rest.⁣
6. Spiritual rest.⁣
7. Sensory rest.⁣ ⁣

How could we honest to goodness keep on top of all that at all times? Plus not to mention our own roles in life. Wife. Daughter. Mother. Business owner. Cleaner. And whatever else it is for you and me. I’m sure you get it.

Instead of balance, focus on this

Instead of balance, perhaps just being more aware of yourself will be more helpful. Instead of balance, focus on your priorities. What is most important that day, that moment. Your biggest needs. And creating routines that periodically makes lots of room to meet those needs for filling our cups. Quiet time is that for me in many areas, for instance. I need that in my day. It happens every afternoon after lunch usually. The baby naps and the kids read or watch shows. Sometimes I sit in the quiet or work, listening to some calming music. It helps me to find balance with my sensory needs, spirtual, mental. So many areas can be hit at one time too.

There are a lot of hats we wear every day. It’s impossible to keep up with all areas. If this is an area of your life you’d like more work on and if you’d like to work on a better routine for rest, I found a simple worksheet you can take a look at for some ideas for those seven areas of rest. Send me an email at if you’d like that.

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