Crystin Morris over at Delightfully Feasting on Instagram gifted me a mini Thanksgiving unit to use with our family (ages 9, 7, 4, and 1). Today, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on it when we went through it a couple weeks ago for our Canadian Thanksgiving week.

First impressions of the Thanksgiving unit

The unit was easy to read with simple instructions and it printed out well in black and white. It has a handy index so I could flip to whatever page I needed while using it. Being a Canadian, there were some things I couldn’t use, but I was able to easily find replacements (such as national Canadian holiday list via googling).

The week before Thanksgiving week, I sat down and sifted through what I wanted to do each day during Thanksgiving with my children. It was easy to piece together what would work for my family with the unit. It saved me a lot of thinking and prepping time too!

This is what I planned out for us:

Day one: prayer, listen to Thanksgiving songs. Read Thanksgiving books and talk about them together (narrate).

Day two: prayer, listen to Thanksgiving songs, and read poems. Go over national holidays briefly. Learn about the Turkey Trot.

Day three: prayer, listen to songs, and poems. Talk about gratitude as a family.

Day four: prayer, listen to songs, and poems.

*there were a few activities we didn’t get to such as science and baking cranberry bread together, but that’s something we could do next year! It gave us nice, slow, and meaningful activities for us to choose to do together to celebrate and reflect on what Thanksgiving means to us as a family.

Final thoughts?

All of our children enjoyed the materials in this unit and I see myself using it next year too for sure. It was a deep enough experience for our oldest at almost ten and enjoyable enough for a little toddler to dance to when she listened to the Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving songs. If you’re looking for a sweet unit to help your family along with Thanksgiving, I highly recommend this unit by Delightfully Feasting.

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