Timeless toys. I started decluttering about four years ago and out the door went so many toys that were broken or unused. Going forward, I knew for our kids that we needed to keep and bring in what would be very intentional for them vs. just filling up a space or checking off a box. Today on the blog, I’m sharing about ten timeless toys for intentional families.

1. Our precious wooden car ramp pictured above on instagram (although my toddler still played with the tissue paper first when I put this out for a picture ha!)
2. Wooden train track set
3. Fisherprice farmhouse
4. Lego, of course
5. Cabbage patch doll
6. Wooden anything like wooden cars
7. Simple dollhouse
8. Magformers
9. Play kitchen (we’ve admittedly never had one, but this is definitely a timeless one.. Or how about DIYing one?)
10. Abacus

There is no right or wrong way to go about toys, but just to look at your own children and see what they use and love the most. Bonus points if they can be saved and passed on to friends or future grandchildren!

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A picture of wooden toys.

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