This session will help simplify your homeschool life by showing you how to examine and adjust your day to day from decluttering to planning and more. We will explore what matters most to your family as the basis for simplifying your homeschool life.


  • Values and priorities of your homeschool life
  • Habits to help simplify your homeschool life
  • Decluttering and organizing your homeschool life
  • Curriculum - how to keep it simple
  • Planning tips for your homeschool life
  • Areas of frustration/going forward in your homeschool life
  • Further resources

An image overview of the course.

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Please note: It’s $12.99 CAD, which is about $10 USD. I’ll email you the workshop and extras within 24 hours after purchase! Email me at or find me @simplehomemom on Instagram if anything goes wonky with technology. Thanks! :)

What’s included:
  • A 30ish minute video workshop
  • 3 pages of quick notes of the workshop with more resources to dive into
  • Free bonus worksheet: 10 Questions to Help You Simplify Your Homeschool Life
What people are saying:

“Thanks this was amazing info for me. Love the idea of looping subjects and chores instead of a set daily schedule! Never would have thought of it like that. So many great tips.” - Paige

“Wonderful session with information that can be applied to homeschooling and more. I’m excited by what I learned.” - Nikki

“I loved your session. I took away lots of ways to simplify what we are currently doing with a family who easily gets overwhelmed. You are a blessing!” - Samantha

“I suddenly have the overwhelming urge to purge! Thank you for reminding us to keep things simple. I get so caught up in things sometimes, this reminder was necessary at this point in the year!” - Gabriella

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I’m Kelly Briggs from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and have four children under ten. I’m an elementary teacher, turned homeschool mom eight years ago.

I help busy moms by sharing tips to simplify home life. I also offer a course for busy moms called Simplify your Home Life: a course for busy moms. I’ve found that it’s become even more important to discover what matters most as our children have aged. And simplifying our life at home and homeschool life has helped so much with that.