Are you often writing down mega to do lists and get frozen with overwhelm and indecision? This was me too! I remember standing in my kitchen stressed out, looking at my giant to do list and had no clue how to start. Enter simple planning. I knew something had to change, so I committed to learning a simple planning method. Now, after years of learning how to simple plan, I bring you: MY SIMPLE PLANNERS! Looking for a simple, no fuss planner that helps you stay on track without feeling overwhelmed? My Simple Planner was designed with simplicity in mind.

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My Simple Planner is developed based upon my own planning method, inspired by the bullet journaling method. Ready to simple plan already? You can purchase YOUR simple planner HERE. You can also purchase it in a foldable mini size HERE. Keep in mind that you will be creating little booklets for each section of your planner - weekly dashboard, daily planning, and monthly planner. You can find My Simple Planner in my Etsy Shop.


Who’s My Simple Planner for? My Simple Planner is perfect for you if you are a beginner planner, but also have some experience with making to do lists (and losing them). It’s for you if you want to get better at planning, but don’t know where to start and also get overwhelmed at all of the planning choices out there.

Why My Simple Planner over another planner? I can’t tell you my planner is better than the rest because we all have different preferences, but I can tell you that my planner is based on my own planning methods that have been both simple and effective for me with unscrambling my mom brain! I’ve create My Simple Planners to be visually appealing, yet minimalistic.

Preview of the planner.

ABOUT My Simple Planner:

  • 2 cover page options
  • undated 3 month planner
  • monthly overview pages and notes with lots of writing space
  • daily planning pages that include open ended boxes and to do list lines that you can use for tasks, notes, or appointments
  • weekly dashboard that includes a spot for a meal plan, habit tracking, appointments, to do lists
  • braindump pages
  • running to do list pages
  • routine pages
  • extra note pages
  • tip page on using this planner
  • printed on
  • page sizes: 8.5 x 11 inches (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm)
  • fully printable
  • 80 pages

LAYOUT of the planner:

The beginning of My Simple Planner gives you your monthly overviews, followed by your weekly dashboards, and daily planning pages. At the end of the planner, you will find routine pages, running to do list pages, braindump pages, and note pages.

You’re going to want to see the whole planner, plus other sizes (such as my favorite - the half size foldable simple home planner) HERE in my Etsy Shop!


Need a simple homeschooling planner for your homeschool planning needs too? My Simple Homeschool Planner is designed with simplicity in mind. Many of the pages can be multipurposed. For instance, you can use the daily planning checklist sheet for individual checklists or for daily planning for the family.

ABOUT My Simple Homeschool Planner:

  • 5 cover page options
  • Yearly planning blocks
  • Monthly overviews
  • Daily planning sheets that can also double as weekly and/or checklists
  • Category planning blocks
  • Routine sheet
  • Checklist page
  • Block plan page
  • Loop plan page
  • Running to do list
  • Book list
  • Braindump blocks
  • Notes pages

Find My Simple Homeschool Planner and all of my planners in my Etsy Shop HERE.


Not ready to commit yet to My Simple Planners? Here are some great blogs to get you started learning about simple planning:


If you’d like to get started on daily planning or step up your planning game, I created a free printable daily planner sheet for you that you can use. You can find it here.

A picture of my daily planner sheet.


Want to get better at simple planning? I created this course a while back when I was teaching about the simple planning method I learned and tweaked throughout the years. My Simple Planners are based from this method.

You can gain access to the free course by being on my mail list. Signup for my mail list HERE.