Do you enjoy cooking? If it’s a big fat no this blog may help you out today.

Simple Meal Planning with Theme Nights

Tell me I can’t be the only one who doesn’t enjoy cooking. It’s painful for me. Always has been. I cook out of necessity, but really, one thing that has made easier for me is intentional planning and theme simple meal planning is one of those things. Today on the blog, I’m sharing about simple meal planning with theme nights and giving you 15 simple meal planning theme night ideas.

Pen to meal planning on paper.

If you’re often standing in the kitchen wondering what to make, here are….

15 simple meal planning theme night ideas

1. Soup Mondays
2. Taco Tuesdays
3. Chicken fajitas Wednesdays
4. Chill Thursdays
5. Fish Fridays
6. Pizza Saturdays
7. Spaghetti Sundays
8. Sandwiches or wraps
9. Breakfast for supper
10. Pasta
11. Leftover night
12. Picky plates
13. Burgers
14. Stew
15. Casserole night

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And. Even for the people who really dislike cooking (like me), having a plan can help relieve some of that dreading it feeling when it’s supper time. We actually have a great setup for breakfast foods and lunch foods with our picky plates, but suppers are the ones I struggle with for sure. Remembering to simple meal plan with theme nights makes it so much easier for me and predictable for everyone too!

Pen to meal plan on paper with the 15 ideas.

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