How do you make routines stick? That’s up for debate, but most things take time and consistency to improve. Routines are one of those areas that benefit from starting small. Starting in one area, and then another, and then readjusting, and moving on. And repeat. Today on the blog, I’m sharing seven tips on making routines stick.

Seven tips on making routines stick:

  1. Commit to a month.
  2. Make it daily.
  3. Start simple.
  4. Check in with yourself.
  5. Habit stack.
  6. Aim for consistency, not perfection.
  7. Write it down.
  1. Commit to a month. Giving time to let a routine habit take place is key. There are different suggestions for how long a habit takes to stick, but 30ish days is a great place to start. And if it’s not, you can always keep going, of course. It took me sooo long to instill the habit of exercise years back, but I was insistent because it was important to me. I kept going until it stuck! It was a lot of stop and start for me until it stayed around consistently long term.
  2. Make it daily. Consistency can help make it stick much faster. It’s very difficult to work on a habit if it’s not done consistently. I find this one is key. If I miss one day of certain routines, chances are I dread picking it back up. Can you relate too?
  3. Start simple. Try one habit at a time and go from there. It’ll set you up for success by keeping it doable and achievable. I can’t express this one enough. I’m a to do list lover, but have learned over the years that by taking on too much at once, it becomes a recipe for failure more often than not.
  4. Check in with yourself. Check in with yourself periodically with how your habit routines are going as a kind of accountability to yourself.
  5. Habit stack. When forming new routines, stick it into an already established habit or routine and it’ll have a likely chance of sticking. See my blog here on habit stacking.
  6. Aim for consistency, not perfection. Try your best, but don’t beat yourself up when you fall off a bit. Keep going.
  7. Write it down. Writing your routines down will help commit them to memory better and will have a higher chance of sticking. Check this article out here on some research on writing things down, especially goals.

Marker with a checklist.

**The tips above are based on a article on making new habits stick.


You can sit down with a handy checklist printable and worksheet and work on one routine at a time. It prompts you for each of the above areas as well as gives you space for a bit of writing when needed. Helping you write things down and giving you that much more chance of making your routines stick too. You can download that freebie HERE.

Making routines stick takes effort, but it’s always worth the effort if something important to you. A simple plan, writing things down, and keep on keeping on are almost sure ways to set you up for success.

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