Three Things You Need to Know to Create a Simple Homeschool Routine

Different homeschooling seasons call for different things. Being aware of what those different things are is so key. And sometimes I get it wrong. But it’s always a coming back to and reflecting on what worked, what needs to be changed or dropped. Today I’m sharing with you three things... [Read More]

3 Surprising Things a Zero Spend Month Will Tell You About Yourself

+ a plan your zero spend month freebie

Baby steps are often forgotten about in the grand scheme of things. So often I’d sit down and think about “Oh, I really want to do X, try this new hobby, instill this new habit, save this money” and never really went about it because, well, I never made a... [Read More]

Throw Out the Cleaning Routine and Try This Instead

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Does cleaning the house stress you out and you never seem to stay on top of it? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This could easily describe me too in the past. I used to stress out if the whole house wasn’t put in order by the end... [Read More]