4 Ways to Simplify Your Homeschool Planning

+ 10 questions to help simplify your homeschool life freebie worksheet

I’m a recovering major overcomplicat-or, so through the years, I committed to finding ways to keep our homeschool planning simple, little by little. And today on the blog, I’m sharing five ways to keep homeschool planning simple for you too. I’ll also be sharing what my current homeschool planning method... [Read More]

5 Key Routines to Help Simplify your Home Life

+ freebie worksheet: 10 questions to help you simplify your home life

Outward order can help inward calm. I’ve heard something like that before and for me, it’s been certainly mostly true through the years. I mean, there is and will always be a level of chaos I have to accept here with littles every day, but there are some routines that... [Read More]

A Simple Practice to Improve Your Daily to do List and Routines

+ a free worksheet to help you implement this practice

Overloaded. I can certainly describe some of my days like that. Can you relate too? Recently, my husband challenged me to take inventory of all of my roles and tasks. Like every little thing that I do every day. Even down to turning the laundry on. Today on the blog,... [Read More]

3 Steps to Start Tackling Your Digital Clutter

+ a free digital decluttering challenge + checklist

Do you have a massive amount of emails or other digital “things” that need some attending to? You are not alone. There are a massive amount of results when you search for “digital clutter” on the internet, including this great article by Joshua Becker. Today, I’m sharing with you 3... [Read More]