How to Make a Plan to Take Back Your Habits or Instill New Ones

with seven key suggestions from Atomic Habits by James Clear

Do you have a habit that keeps slipping that you really want to instill? After reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, I realized that instilling new habits is way more complicated than I initially assumed. There’s a whole range of psychology involved, for starters - our mental, spiritual,... [Read More]

Book Review of Minimalist Moms: Living and Parenting with Simplicity

+ bonus video interview with Diane Boden: 3 important tips for minimalist moms just starting out

Minimalism as a mom. Is it possible? How can it be done? How do you start? Diane Boden’s new book - Minimalist Moms: Living and Parenting with Simplicity helps to answer these questions. I was sent an advance copy of her book, recently launched in March, and today I’m sharing... [Read More]

4 Ways to Simplify Your Homeschool Planning

+ 10 questions to help simplify your homeschool life freebie worksheet

I’m a recovering major overcomplicat-or, so through the years, I committed to finding ways to keep our homeschool planning simple, little by little. And today on the blog, I’m sharing five ways to keep homeschool planning simple for you too. I’ll also be sharing what my current homeschool planning method... [Read More]

5 Key Routines to Help Simplify your Home Life

+ freebie worksheet: 10 questions to help you simplify your home life

Outward order can help inward calm. I’ve heard something like that before and for me, it’s been certainly mostly true through the years. I mean, there is and will always be a level of chaos I have to accept here with littles every day, but there are some routines that... [Read More]