My third son is heading into kindergarten at home this year and after having a bit more experience, I know exactly how I’d like to plan out his year. I’m all for slow and simple and lots of space to be a kid, still! Today on the blog, I’m sharing about our simple kindergarten 2021-2022.

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I used to be a lower elementary teacher before staying home with the kids, so I assumed I had it all figured out before we started homeschooling years ago with our first. I was surprised to find out that my years as a teacher prepared me for not much. Kindergarten at home is nothing compared to my classroom! See this blog here about the homeschool vs. public school debate.

My take on kindergarten

I believe that this is such a wonderful age. An age to keep playing and exploring the world. There’s lots of time in the future to do older kid things. I love to allow a lot of space for play and rest and mud, of course. Our kindergarten tends to be slow and gentle. Coming from being a kindergarten teacher, it took me time to really figure out what worked for our family, but this has been it. However you do kindergarten, the biggest thing to remember is that this is a new experience. Both for the parent and child. And to go slow and enjoy the day to day. And that learning can also happen in organic ways beyond paper and pen.

An overview of our Simple Kindergarten 2021-2022

Language Arts:

  • Reading books together.
  • Letter and number recognition. We use a variety of ways to recognize letters from magnet letters, to printing, to drawing in sand.
  • Daily poetry. We’ll be reading through A Child’s Garden of Verses.
  • Handicrafts. We do a variety of handicrafts as a family, but I’d like to focus on simple things like learning how to use hammers, scissors, painting, and clay. I don’t really plan this area in detail. Here is a blog from my friend about 100 handicrafts for the early years.
  • Art. Everything from painting to pastels and clay sculpting.
  • Lots and lots of play.
  • Reading: Closer to the age of six or showing signs of being ready, we use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.
  • Math. Arthur will be participating in Family Math Lessons from My Little Robins and MEP Math for kindergarten.
  • Arthur will be working on habits and family chores. Habits are so important to start at an early age from making your bed to getting dressed.
  • In a multikid family, they also get the benefit of being around for any family group work too and can join is as they are comfortable or interested.
  • We use literature selections and inspiration from Ambleside Online.

Our Simple Kindergarten Books and Supplies

I linked all of the books and supplies we use regularly in my Amazon shops: US shop and Canadian shop under “Kids’ School”. You’ll find things like:

  • Our devotional books
  • Math programs
  • Literature
  • Nature study books: garden flowers and foraging
  • Piano program books we use
  • General homeschooling resources and supplies


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