Did you know that transitions can possibly make or break your day with kids? Transitions are basically those in between times from switching one activity to the next. Like going from breakfast to brushing teeth to school time. Those are our biggest transitions right now. Today on the blog I’m sharing with you how to have smoother days at home with kids by tackling your transition times.

Poor transitions can mean this

Poor transitions can lead to various issues but one being:⁣

You don’t bother or give up…The kids get into their own things and it takes too much energy to transition them back. I basically have to choose to just leave them be if it’s my fault for not being on the ball for transitions. ⁣

I found some tips I read to help you out from thechaosandtheclutter.com that I’ll recap below.

1. Giving kids a heads up

Giving kids a heads up to what’s coming up next will help prepare your kids and encourage a smoother transition. I know for us, there’s a difference between doing that and dropping a bomb that we need to transition right now. One is the more peaceful option on our house!

2. Use a visual schedule

Many kids appreciate and do well with a visual schedule (example here). It helps them to see what’s coming up, not just hear. You could write it out and plop it on the fridge or have a family binder where it’s kept.

3. Create a transition song or strategy

This won’t be helpful in our house, but I know many folk who use a song to transition. This song sound familiar to you?

4. Use a timer or clock

Using a timer as a count down to the next transition can help some kids (and even us adults) prepare for what’s coming up. You can also use a timer to set the amount of time used. ⁣Smooth, predictable transitions helps the days go smoother for everyone. Saving time, noise, sanity.

PS: if you love this kind of thing, you would love the 10 best tips worksheet to help you design your ultimate day at home with kids. These are strategies that are curated from parents who have lots of experience with kids and of course, parenting. Send me an email at simplehomemom@gmail.com if you’d like that.

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