Where are you heading? Heading slowly in the right direction is 1000% better than heading quickly in the wrong direction (for you). It’s so easy to be swept up in the world’s speed. My speed, with my crew of four kids under ten in this season of life is slowwww. Sometimes painfully slow for my default “to do list” personality. But I’ve learned to come back to slow every time, giving space for rest and reassessment. Today on the blog, I’m sharing about one important thing to do when you feel confused about your direction.

Question mark over someone's face.

Questions to ask yourself if you feel confused about your direction:

  • Do I want to keep moving in this direction with my life?
  • Is it aligned with my values?
  • Am I doing this because I think others think I should?
  • Am I doing this because I think I’m supposed to, but don’t really want to?

And if you’re still not sure, the best thing, the one important thing I’ve found to do when I feel confused about my direct is to just: PAUSE. This would be a time to turn into prayer too - if you pray - and/or search within and reach out to close friends and family to share about your direction. Sometimes friends and family can have the best insights or insights that you might never have seen!

From a blog recap on the book The 5 Second Rule on pausing (or “productive procrastination”):

“Use Productive Procrastination

Big projects at work or things like writing your first book can take a lot of time and energy. Sometimes you need to step back and take a break from the problem to let the answer find you.

Don’t be afraid to use “productive procrastination” to help you solve a big problem. It might take a few days or even a few weeks but often times a break is just what you need to get clear and find a new solution.”

And last month was the launch of a special project to me that I worked on slowly, over many months: Simplify your life at home: a course for busy moms. I truly took my time. Pausing and making sure it was the right direction…Every step of the way said “yes”! So I was celebrating in the slow and steady with the launch (round two coming early next year 🤗). Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out.

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