Do you have family traditions? Are you wanting to figure out more traditions for your family? As we are heading towards the holidays, my mind starts racing with all the past years. What do I need to prep, have ready? What traditions are staying, what do we want to add on? I even have a digital note on what we did last year because I used to keep forgetting year to year. Today on the blog, I’m sharing with you our cozy family bookish December tradition that we’ve done for the past few years. All ages enjoy it too!

What are traditions?

[Traditions] are the handing down of information, beliefs, or customs from one generation to another. 2 : a belief or custom handed down from one generation to another.

⁣For us, our traditions have to be:

Simple,⁣ Meaningful,⁣ Enjoyable, ⁣Purposeful,⁣ and Memorable.

⁣Pancakes and slow breakfasts Saturday mornings. Sunday church and a full brunch. Reading after breakfast at the table. Weekends for rest and a bit of tidying. ⁣

⁣Our traditions became clearer when we were able to name our values and priorities over the years. It’s the foundation for our family life (and why I include this in the first unit of my course). ⁣⁣So. Take your time as a family. Enjoy the journey and build some memories to last a lifetime.

A baby boy sleeping with books.

Using books for cozy December family traditions

At the beginning of December, we celebrate St. Nicholas day. St. Nicholas was very giving and often would give his wealth away to people who needed it. Some families, including ours, usually pop treats and toys in their kids’ shoes overnight to celebrate the memory of St. Nicholas. And one thing we’ve done has been to add a couple “Christmas-y” books every year on this day. It’s a perfect cozy way to get into December for our family. The kids all look forward to seeing what books they’ll receive this year! And it slowly builds our little book collection, one book at a time.

Our ten favourite Christmasy and holiday December books so far:

  1. The Light at Tern Rock
  2. The Hundred Dresses
  3. The Nutcracker
  4. Pick a Pine Tree
  5. The Baker’s Dozen
  6. The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree
  7. The Donkey’s Dream
  8. Mortimer’s Christmas Manger
  9. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  10. Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

PS I linked all these books and our wishlist on my Amazon shop for you to look over too. Maybe you’ll find a gem for your family! Amazon Canadian shop or US shop.

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