I asked my friend Melissa about her morning routine to share with all of you because I know she makes time for herself most mornings with and/or without kids. I absolutely love how she incorporates #3 into her routine. I’m so inspired! I hope you enjoy what she shares today.

My “morning routine.” Well… this year has been so crazy. My husband’s schedule has been all over the place - from deployed, to home all the time, to everything in between. So my usual rhythms can hardly be called such!

There are lots of preferable things I manage to start the day with… once in a while. Some days, I can get in a walk or run in the morning. Sometimes, hubby is home and watches the kids so I can actually get a hot shower, get dressed, and have some uninterrupted time to read my bible! But other days, I nibble a chocolate bar while pushing last night’s dinner dishes aside in order to serve breakfast. It’s all been so different and up in the air this year, lol. But isn’t that motherhood anyway?

But whether I manage to start the day alone, or have 4 little people climbing all over me, my “morning routine” always ends up involving these three things:

  1. Prayer. Be it calm & peaceful conversations… or in the midst, frantic, “dear-God-please-dont-let-me-explode-already” please…. there is always prayer.
  2. Tea. I’m a tea girl! Sometimes it’s hot & delightful… sometimes lukewarm, sipped while sighing… sometimes gulped cold or poured half-finished down the drain. But I always get in at least 2 sips of tea.
  3. Candles. The goal is to calmly light a few candles in the kitchen as the dawn is breaking, before my kids wake… during that ideal, peaceful quiet time and breakfast puttering, with some pretty instrumental music in the background. And when that does happen, it’s super fun:) But far more often, the candles are hastily lit in the midst of squabble #55 before breakfast, in an effort to reset the tone before our day completely derails.

And that’s ok. These things are tools, not intended for a perfect life. Rather, they’re intended to strengthen my heart for the opposite! ;)

So that’s what works for me. :) The variations are huge, but no matter the ideal or bizarre script of circumstances for the morning? My spirit needs prayer… my body needs something comforting and hot to sip… and my heart needs to light some beauty & hope into the day. Peacefully, or in the midst of the chaos, you’ll finding me riding out the morning doing these at least these three things.

A picture of Melissa holding her baby.

Melissa is a quiet military wife, and stay-at-home mom of 4 kids under 6. She homeschools, drinks a lot of tea, laughs till her face hurts, is always barefoot and never on time. She’s passionate about encouraging other moms to breathe freely, and keep their eyes on what’s most important. She blogs on slowscenesofhome.wordpress.com and you can find her at @slowscenesofhome on Instagram.

PS Last year, I finally started a morning routine for myself and it’s really helped my days out so much. I feel more peaceful throughout the rest of the day and I’m finding time for those things that matter most to me. It was after I read the book The Miracle Morning that everything clicked for me. I was so inspired. If you’d like a quick breakdown of what the Miracle Morning is and have an overview of how to create your own, I can send you a basic overview from what I read. Feel free to email me at simplehomemom@gmail.com if you’d like that.

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