We have six people here at home and even with minimizing our wardrobes, it’s really never-ending. Because clothes get dirty and we have to clean. them. Ya know? Laundry used to just be a bit stressful for me because there were piles here. Piles there. If you are stressed out from laundry, today’s blog is for you. I’m going to be sharing how to reduce the stress of laundry with these four simple rules (obviously if one rule doesn’t work for your situation, scrap it or redo for what works for you and your family!).

Picture of clothes on top of a washer.

1. Have less clothes

Smaller wardrobes really means less clothes in the house. We have way less stray, lonely clothes hanging out around the house because there is less to keep track of. You can also read about smaller wardrobes that are curated called “capsule wardrobes” here. They are just one way to simplify and reduce your laundry.

2. Reduce expectations

Letting go of the expectation that it must be put away has helped our family so much. We often live out of organized laundry baskets and it works for us right now.

3. Simplify organizing the laundry

We don’t separate the dirty clothes aside from cloth diapers, which saves a lot of time there too for our family. We also don’t have white clothes, so I might reconsider that if we did. Ha! Here’s a blog I found from another blogger about simplifying the laundry routine here.

4. Find simpler laundry products

I like to use natural and multipurpose items in our laundry room to simplify things. We use a bulk affordable natural laundry detergent that lasts our family of six a long while. You can find it in my Amazon shops: Canadian shop and US shop. We also use dryer balls and a stain remover liquid or stick. And that’s about it! Nice and simple and cost effective for us.

Laundry is something that is a part of most of our lives, so creating simple routines that are doable and sustainable is so key if you’re looking to keep your laundry routine simple for your busy family. And! Make sure to listen to me chatting about keeping laundry simple for busy families in detail over at Minimalist Moms Podcast as well, which you can find hereSimplify Your Laundry Routine”.


Also catch the freebie: Create Your Simple Laundry Routine (ten questions to ask yourself to help you design yours). You can snag that HERE. You may also enjoy my six week online course Simplify Your Home Life: a course for busy moms. I do a whole unit just on routines. Find more on the course here.


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(updated Sept. 14 2021)

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