I’m home full time and when there is no pandemic around, I’m responsible for all meals in the home. So I value quick, easy, and healthy. The less thinking I have to do, the better! We eat the same breakfast daily, so wanted something easy for lunch too. No thinking required for lunches too. Enter picky plates. I’ve also heard them called finger food plates too, but like the name “picky plates”. Today on the blog, I’m sharing about how to design a simple system to make your lunches painless and quick with picky plates.

How I put picky plates together

1. I wrote up a sheet of finger foods we ate and are accepted by most of our family.

2. I split them into different categories (such as veggies, fruits, proteins).

3. When it’s lunch time, I simply take out my list and pick a variety of foods from different categories. I also have numbers assigned to each category, so I know how many to pick from each (or my kids if they are helping). That’s it!

FREEBIE: Picky plate template to make your lunches much simpler!

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The Simple Meal Planning Guide

The Simple Meal Planning Guide will help you never to become stumped with meal planning again (when/if applied).

“If you struggle with meal planning at all (or just need fresh ideas and inspiration), you would love this simple, thorough, accessible resource.” - Crystin from @delightfullyfeasting

This guide is for you if…

  • you often dread mealtimes
  • you often google meal planning type ideas
  • you often feel overwhelmed with meal planning
  • you don’t know where to start with meal planning
  • you often feel stumped and uninspired with meal planning
  • you can’t seem to find a system for meal planning that sticks
  • you would like a simple, streamlined process to meal plan that works for you in every season of life

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