Do you struggle with how you feel about your journey as a mom? I know I have sometimes. I’ve come far over the years, but I do catch myself sometimes. I was reading a mom blog ( recently and was reading a bit about affirmations for moms. Today on the blog I’m sharing with you how to help reduce the feeling of overwhelm as a mom by using this one simple practice.

What are affirmations?

According to the blog, “An affirmation is a short, positive statement that, when repeated often, helps you overcome negative or self-sabotaging thoughts. If you use affirmations consistently, you can start to retrain your brain to think positive thoughts rather than negative ones.” …. What you believe, read, and tell yourself over and over becomes your truth! This is a simple practice that will hopefully help you out with what’s going on in the world right now too (and at home…we have tough days here too).

Examples of affirmations for moms

  • I cannot keep up with all things at all time.
  • I cannot be all things to all people.
  • From the blog momagenda: I am more than enough. I am never in a rush; my timing is perfect.
  • I can go for my dreams and be a mom (one I say often with working on my business and other projects on the go).
  • Christian one to add: Today I will build up (encourage) more than I correct.

Design your own affirmations

Step one. Look at the areas of your life as a mom you are hard on yourself. Write them down.
Step two. Find inspiration by googling quotes or scripture.
Step three. Write down the truth to speak to yourself.

Step four. Read them often.

I read my affirmations every morning during my miracle morning/morning time routine and they cover various areas of my life from business affirmations to personal growth to spiritual. They are quick to read and easy to add to a morning routine.. I once saw the idea from someone who taped them on her mirror to read every time she went to the bathroom. Love that!

In hard moments, I am able to speak truth to myself and it’s brought me comfort and refocus many times in my life, but of course is not substitute for when I needed more than just affirmations – like when I suffered from mild PPD/anxiety last year. But, worth a shot to add these to your day, right? Little things can become big things to help long term!

And if you’d like more help on starting to create your own affirmations, I have a list of 20 basic ones you can use if you’d like. Just send me an email at for that list.

Hi, I’m Kelly! I’m a mother of four children - three boys, one toddler girl - and our family lives on the beautiful east coast of Canada. I’m a past elementary teacher, turned stay at home, work at home mom eight years ago after I had my second child. I’ve found that the busier I’ve become and as my children age, that it’s become even more important to figure out what is most important to me and us as a family. Living a simpler lifestyle has helped us in so many ways in our home life - from better routines to faster tidying up times. It has been through my children that I have been inspired to learn how to effectively manage my time and to simplify in all areas of my home and life. I enjoy helping busy moms simplify home life by teaching flexible planning methods and skills. Enjoyed this blog and think it would be helpful to others? I'd love if you shared it. Thank you!