Lightbulbs swaying from the ceiling.

Over the years, I’ve learned to recognize the natural rhythm of my kids. When they need quiet time. When bedtime needs to be, for instance. I like to keep our days slow and simple. But I never really took enough time paying attention to when my natural rhythms were. In general, I knew I hit limits by later morning and needed quiet time at the same time as the kids. I literally will lay in the quiet until I can function again at the beginning of quiet time. (I have three boys in a row and a toddler girl). Today on the blog, I’m sharing about how to find more productivity by paying attention to your energy.

I was listening to a fantastic Bottomless Momosa podcast last week called - Using Energy to Achieve Productivity (and balance) featuring @chereamiealyce.
Chereamie was talking about looking at energy for productivity. Not creating energy, perse, like eating healthy and all those other good things, but just looking at ourselves and noticing how much energy things take.

For instance, for me. Sitting down and catching up with emails takes a lot of focus and energy. But creating images for social media, writing blogs is a much lower energy level requirement for me. What she shared about was when we look at our day, it’s really important to think about those things in terms of energy. So, if you know xyz task or appointment is going to drain you, make sure to have some recovery/rest time afterwards before moving on. ⁣

Basing your day around your energy level requirements for your task list will help you to become more productive because you’ll have a better idea of when you need rest. How often would I push through when I really needed rest or needed to just rearrange the day? Simple tweaks.

I was able to easily apply these concepts to my life at home with kids too and my own projects! Helpful? I recommend you listen to the podcast too if this is something that interests you. I found it really helpful!

PS if you want to learn more about habit stacking, you may love the freebie my mail list received last Friday - 20 ideas to habit stack + a habit stacking planning sheet. You can receive that for free by emailing me at

Further reading: And if you are majorly struggling in this area, the book Eat That Frog! is soooo helpful. The author has researched for years so he knows what he’s talking about and has 1.5 million copies sold of his book.

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