Recently, we noticed the kids were going a little shack whacky. It was rainy a lot outside, but another thing my husband and I talked about was how different these times are being home so much with our kids. And even though we’re home so much, we noticed we’re not spending as much one on one time with ours kids like we used to pre covid (because most of that time was spent outside of the home for adventures) . So we’re bringing that back in the form of “daddy dates”, where one of our children gets an hour of daddy time doing something they love with him. But first. Today on the blog, I’m sharing about how to discover the 5 love languages of your children.

How we are setting up “daddy dates”

We’ll loop plan (see my blog on how to do that and what it is) through the children so not to have the times we set up daddy dates super structured. The kids are excited! And. We are reminding ourselves of the different love languages of our children because they all have different love languages…

How to discover the 5 love languages of your children

In order to discover the 5 love languages of your children, you need to know what they are of course.

The five love languages of children

  1. Physical Touch: hug! Sit by me! Hold my hand. Your child may have the love language of physical touch.
  2. Gifts. Gimme things. Stuff. Collect all the things. Sound familiar? Maybe this is your child’s love language.
  3. Gift of time. Come play with me. Be with me. Sit next to me.
  4. Acts of Service. Helping and doing things for and with your children is this love language.
  5. Words of affirmation. Listening, loving, and needing lots of words of encouragement. If that sounds familiar, this may be your child’s love language.

Taking time to watch how your children are with you will give you clues to how they are best loved and what their love languages are.

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And if you’re wanting to learn more about the 5 love languages of children, see the book on the 5 Love Languages of Children. I linked it in my Amazon Shop for you too - US and Canadian shop. Also, you can check out this quiz that I found here that will give you more details on your child’s love language.

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