Wardrobes. Clothing. Is your wardrobe busting at the seams and you want to simplify but have no clue where to start? Today on the blog, I’m going to go over how you can declutter your wardrobe even if you don’t know where to start. I’ll also be sharing tips from one of the top minimalist living folk, Joshua Becker and drawing from my own experience with going through a mega wardrobe declutter.

It’s simple, but not easy - guidelines to get you started

These are simple guidelines, but not easy, especially if you are new to fine tuning your wardrobe, but write them down, and keep them in mind if you really want to make changes or make your own rules and use these as a guide.

Doesn’t fit? Gone.

Ripped, broken zippers and not easily fixed? Gone.

Colour awful on you? Gone.

Haven’t worn in 12 months? Gone.

Too many of? Gone.

Out of style, trend that you no longer enjoy? Gone. Focus on timely pieces you have.

When I went through this process, I kept in mind what works for me NOW as a home business owner, homeschooling mom, and purged a ton of professional clothes, to boot!
You can also find more tips here from Joshua Becker’s Becoming Minimalist website that you may find helpful. Also Courtney Carver’s book Project 333 on developing minimalist wardrobes may be helpful too.

And if your wardrobe needs a total rehaul and you have a hard time knowing where to start, you may enjoy my Simple Capsule Wardrobe Guide. Some recent feedback on it: “Ahhh Kelly! That was brilliant! I’m going to do some sorting this weekend, more purging, and most importantly writing down what I have vs what I need. Thank you!!!” Want to know more about how I fine tuned my whole wardrobe and follow along the simple steps? You may like my Simple Capsule Wardrobe Guide ebook (new and updated). You can find that guide here.

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