How to Create the Perfect Daily Routine

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Creating a perfect daily routine. Is there really such a thing as a perfect daily routine? There is no perfection in life, but a good planned daily routine can be very life-giving and something to come back to over and over. I’ve found this to be true over and over again during my years of being a mom and having a daily routine. Today on the blog, I’m sharing about how to create a perfect daily routine.
I hope it helps you out today and gives you some ideas to create or tweak your own routines.

…“a good planned daily routine can be very life-giving and something to come back to over and over.”

Benefits of having a daily routine:

  • Routines encourage healthy habits.
  • Routines allow you to maximize your time.
  • Routines help you achieve goals.
  • Routines fight against depression.
  • Routines are calming and comforting.
  • Routines ensure enough time for what energizes you.

-above benefits of having routines are from the Real Simple blog

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My journey with a daily routine as a mom

I didn’t really have any consistent routine in place probably until I had a third kid. I think at that point it became more necessary as my kids became older too. Before then, we had our meal times, quiet times, and bedtimes instilled, but not much outside of that for myself or the kids. It was really just all over the place in many ways. As I took time to declutter our home years back, it was the start of something wonderful for myself and our home life. Over time, I came to see that the time I spent during the day wasn’t really the best spent. I was letting life happen far too often for us without being very intentional with that time. That’s when I started to create simple daily routines for the family and myself. It eventually led to me creating my first morning routine.

Three steps to create the perfect daily routine:

  1. Take note about what you do daily for a few days. What do you want to keep? What do you want to do less of? What would you like to add? What did you notice?
  2. Jot down some of your values and goals for your daily routine. Such as: reading more consistently, taking quiet time, or making time for friends.
  3. Work towards your perfect daily routine day by day. And give yourself lots of time and grace as you are changing old habits and instilling new ones.

And always come back to your values. Ask why you are doing your daily routine in the first place whenever you feel the motivation waning. Reassess, change things up as needed and keep going!

“Ask why you are doing your daily routine in the first place whenever you feel the motivation waning.”

And to tie up everything? I’m going to sidebar and share that even though I am sharing about the perfect daily routine, there really isn’t such a thing. I’m often tweaking our routines to meet the needs of the family and myself! Currently, I’m reading a book to help me carve out some new routines that I want to put in. I find writing things up in a brainstorm and then time blocking them to be very helpful…and having a spot to put them in if they’re more periodic - such as weekly or monthly. If a daily routine is currently not working for us and we do nothing about it, well, then, nothing changes. It’s worth a try to see if something will work better for us and we will wonder why we didn’t try sooner. Here’s to creating a “perfect” daily routine!


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Create the Perfect Routine, but don’t forget to write it down!

Part of the problem many of us have is that we have sooo much floating around our brains and just leave it sitting there. The solution? Write it down. Write it allll down. My Simple Planners all have spaces for writing down your daily routines, some have more space than others depending on how detailed you’d like to be. Find them all in my shop HERE! My best seller is my foldable Simple Weekly Planner.

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