Are you often feeling like the days run into each other and homeschooling feels overwhelming more often than not? There will always be overwhelming, hard days in homeschooling, but there are definitely ways to simplify your homeschool life to reduce some overwhelm. I’ll be sharing with you how this one quote can help simplify your homeschool life.

Identify the essential, eliminate the rest

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Focus on your values and priorites to simplify your homeschool life

Applying this to homeschool life, this may take a bit of time, but really diving in and discovering the essential for your homeschool life is so key. And starting from a place of values and priorities for your family is a great place to start. For instance, we value getting outside and reading aloud, so we make sure that’s apart of our homeschool. A book that greatly impacted my homeschooling journey in the beginning was the book Teaching From Rest. I linked that for you in my Amazon shops (US shop and Canadian shop) if you’d like to check that out too.

Simplify your homeschool life with this one quote

Identify the essential, elmininate the rest with the homeschool clutter (Jessica has a great blog on the homeschool clutter!). Take a look at your supplies and books on hand. Is it all used, loved, needed? Do you have far too much? Decluttering your homeschool space will go far in simplifying your homeschool life and lead to peaceful, tidier days. We have toddlers and preschoolers here, so focusing less has saved my sanity many times ha!

A picture of my boys at the table.

Simplify Your Homeschool Life in Depth Session

If you enjoyed my tips for simplifying your homeschool life with one quote: “identify the essential, eliminate the rest” and would really benefit from simplifying your homeschool life even more, you may love my upcoming session at the Online Canadian Homeschooling Conference on Feb. 3rd. You can purchase the affordable all access pass after the fact too, you can find that here (affiliate link). You also do NOT have to be Canadian to attend. Yay!

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My full session on Simplifying Your Homeschool life

What you get just from my session, not to mention the 50+ other sessions:

  • pdf guide of the session notes and resources
  • freebie: 10 questions to help you simplify your homeschool life

Benefits of the Online Canadian Homeschooling conference:

From the organizer:

“This year is our FIFTH annual event and our plans are INCREDIBLE!

Over 50 Speakers. Nearly 60 pre-recorded sessions. Live interactive events. A Facebook group. A crazy full vendor hall. A HUGE prizes giveaway at our wrap up party and throughout the event. A goodie bag with coupons and special offers.

It’s absolutely free to attend live - which will give you from midnight to midnight to watch the daily sessions, or you can choose to purchase a 2021 all-access pass to watch sessions whenever you’d like (including after the event is over.) The pass is only $17 (CAD) for lifetime access.”

This session will help simplify your homeschool life by showing you how to examine and adjust your day to day from decluttering to planning and more. We will explore what matters most to your family as the basis for simplifying your homeschool life.


Find my session Simplify Your Homeschool Life and signup for the conference here.

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Hi, I’m Kelly! I’m a mother of four children - three boys, one toddler girl - and our family lives on the beautiful east coast of Canada. I’m a past elementary teacher, turned stay at home, work at home mom eight years ago after I had my second child. I’ve found that the busier I’ve become and as my children age, that it’s become even more important to figure out what is most important to me and us as a family. Living a simpler lifestyle has helped us in so many ways in our home life - from better routines to faster tidying up times. It has been through my children that I have been inspired to learn how to effectively manage my time and to simplify in all areas of my home and life. I enjoy helping busy moms simplify home life by teaching flexible planning methods and skills. Enjoyed this blog and think it would be helpful to others? I'd love if you shared it. Thank you!