We know what priorities are and what they mean, but how do we really know what comes first in our day to day? Today on the blog I’m going to share with you a visual way to structure and organize your priorities using a priority pyramid. When we’re struggling with the day to day and trying to figure out what to do first and so on, this strategy may be helpful for you!

Brainstorm your important life priorities

Take some time and write down all of the things that are important to you. Organize them into groups from least to most important. It’s important to do this step because in the heat of the moment in your day, you can refer to the pyramid to know which is the most important to focus on first. I originally found this idea from House Unseen on Instagram and it really helped me going forward when I felt burnt out or overwhelmed. It helped me to see clearly what I needed to prioritize. When we become overwhelmed throughout the day, it can become really hard to move forward because our brains can become frozen with indecision. I know that happens to me often enough.

An example of an ordered priority pyramid – keep in mind that it’ll look different for everyone:

A picture of my ordered priorities.


  1. Connection - connecting with friends and others
  2. Study - your personal study time or school study and work time
  3. Planning - planning for any area of your life such as meal planning or goal setting

Put Your Priority Pyramid into Practice

A priority pyramid is meant to be a tool, something to help you out when needed. Refer to it often when you are faced with overwhelm in your day to help you move forward. It may help refocus you on what matters most! Keep it in a place where you may see it often if that’s helpful, too.



PS if you’d like to get started on daily planning with a priority pyramid or step up your planning game, I created a free printable daily planner sheet for you that you can use. You can find it here. You can put your priority pyramid in the “notes” section.

A picture of the free daily plan printable.

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