A lady sitting with her cleaning supplies.

Hello! It’s Spring and bring out all of the Spring Cleaning challenges, right? I don’t always do Spring cleaning, but when I do, it’s usually done with friends. Because otherwise, I find I don’t bother. It’s way more fun with friends. Today, I’m sharing a free simply spring cleaning challenge with a free printable checklist. Scroll down to snatch that!

Why bother doing a bit of spring cleaning?

  • It helps us to look forward to the warmer days to come.. If you’re in a four seasons area like us.
  • It gives us a chance to perhaps focus on areas of the home that have been forgotten about. Just me??
  • It can become a part of your yearly home routines.

    According to Creating Mary’s Home blog:

“Cleaning is a safe and healthy way to lift your mood! … Spring Cleaning is a way of getting your entire home deep-cleaned in one go, so the rest of the year you can simply focus on maintenance cleaning. Deep cleaning makes a big impact on your home and the rest of your year!”

And if cleaning isn’t your thing, that’s ok, too. I don’t like cleaning much either usually unless I’m in the mood, but also enjoy a unique challenge. So, here I am. And I hope it’s helpful for you.

Cleaning supplies on a table.


I usually do a spring cleaning something every year. The last couple have been mostly decluttering, but this year I am joining with my friend Jessica over at Mama Bear Wooten (or on Instagram @mama_bear_wooten) to bring you a unique ten day challenge. There are two daily tasks you can pick from AND bonus tasks when you snag the printable challenge from both of our blogs too: Quick 15 minute tasks or abandoned tasks. I’m doing, you can guess it, abandoned tasks, while Jessica is doing quick 15 minute cleaning tasks.

In this freebie printable, you’ll find ten days of abandoned tasks to complete, plus bonus quick 15 minute tasks. Grab your freebie simply spring cleaning challenge printable checklist HERE. Happy cleaning!

And then make sure to pop on over to Jessica’s blog to read and then print out her challenge that goes hand in hand with mine here - she has ten 15 minute cleaning challenges plus 5 bonus challenges. Print them both out and pick through them!

Cleaning supplies next to the printable challenge.

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