Is your living room an explosion more often than not? I’m going to be honest and upfront here. This is a work in progress for our homeschooling family of six (our oldest is almost ten, youngest being 1.5). Today on the blog, I’m sharing with you four ideas to go from living room explosions to tidier floors (for busy families). And maybe one of them is your solution to the explosive living room too.

1. Use baskets, boxes, and bins to organize and reduce visual clutter. I like to use what I have first because sometimes I have to declutter more.
2. Have designated places for everything. Having a “home” for everything helps with quicker tidying up sessions.
3. Declutter first, then organize - it goes without saying. Don’t waste your energy on organizing if you plan to declutter soon.
4. Bookshelves/hidden shelves for quick tidying up times. I love a hidden shelf with doors for books and toys. It just reduces a lot of visual clutter and looks

A picture of our living room with clutter on the floor.

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