It’s been a huge turn of events here in our home since the pandemic hit and of course, the rest of the world. Today on the blog, I’m sharing with you five ways I’ve been adjusting our routines (for myself and the kids) since the pandemic hit. Today on the blog, I’m sharing five ways I’ve been adjusting our routine

1. I have taken a lot off the list.

I’m a to do list lover, but when the pandemic hit, I noticed that my energy levels seriously decreased and I could quickly tell I had to drop stuff off the list…or burn out. I took off things like blogging four times a week, down to 3 and then down to 2. I took off keeping up with the flexible cleaning routine too.

2. I have slowed down in all areas of life.

The summer school routine started in the spring here and we’ve continued it through the summer and slowed down even more. We’ve had slower mornings (when we school) and it’s working well for us during this time. Slower rest times, slower meal times, slower wake up times. Slower times for me to complete things (like the course I’m launching this fall: The Simplify Your Life At Home: a course for busy moms).

3. I have kept the most important priorities on autopilot.

I’ve kept things like daily laundry and putting on the dishwasher daily. I’ve kept up with exercising 4-5 times a week most weeks. I’ve kept up with my life-giving morning routine most days, for instance.

4. I have learned to default to flexibility.

I have learned to default to flexibility over staying consistent with some things when we clearly need a break (or I need a break). I’m a creature of habits and routine, but flexibility trumps it all.

5. I’ve added on consistent self care to my routine.

The pandemic almost forced me to put in scheduled “self care” such as bath night Saturday night, shower Wednesday morning, biweekly walks with a friend, daily sitting in the quiet at the beginning of our quiet time.

The pandemic has affected my mental health and I’m glad to become more aware of my needs and my family’s during this time. One day at a time, right?

PS I know “self care” can look different for everyone. I found a list of 10 creative self care ideas for busy people (aka moms) if you’d like to take a look at them too. Feel free to email me at if you’d like that list for free and I’d be happy to send that off to you.

An overview of the five tips.

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