I love finding multipurpose products that have more than one use. There are many benefits to focusing on multipurpose products, one being it becomes more affordable, one being that it helps to simplify your stuff in your home. Today on the blog, I pulled together five multipurpose skin products that could save you money.

Aquaphor multipurpose cream ointment. Crocodile hands? Crazy dry skin? Eczema? Dry lips? Diaper cream? Aquaphor to the rescue. These are all uses that we use ours for. I think I remember finding about this cream with our last baby and have been impressed with it ever since. My hands often get very dried out because I’m constantly washing my hands between cooking and diaper changes. Aquaphor works really well for me.. when I’m consistent with it, that is, of course.

Castor oil. Castor oil can be used in an oil face wash. It has also been known to help grow eyelashes. I personally use it currently in a mixture for my face wash. Read more about the oil cleansing process here if you’re unfamiliar. Here are some other uses of castor oil I found.

Olive oil. It can be used as a makeup remover as well as a super hydrating face wash oil. I currently have it in a mix with castor oil. It’s very hydrating for me, so I mix it with some castor oil. Here’s are some other uses of olive oil I found.

Olive oil on a table.

Eye shadow. Eye shadow can be used for more than just eye shadow. Try eye liner.. Filling in your eyebrows, using it as blush, and even lipstick (mixed with aquaphor or something similar). I currently use my small eyeshadow palette for eye shadow, eye liner, and for my eyebrows.

Makeup on a table.

CC or BB cream. It’s a tinted foundation cream with spf essentially. I use a CC cream currently some days and it doubles as sun protection. Win win.

Bottles on a counter.

Find some of these products under self care in my Amazon shops: US shop and Canadian shop. I linked the actual castor oil and eyeshadow brand I’m using too.

Five multipurpose skin products that could save you money:
  1. Aquaphor
  2. Castor oil
  3. Olive oil
  4. Eyeshadow
  5. CC or BB cream

These were only a select amount of the items in our home that are multipurpose. It can be looked at in many areas for simplifying too, such as with your cleaning supplies or hair products. Here’s to multipurpose products and to simplifying!

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