I’ve come far in my cleaning skills over the years. I guess having four kids speeds up that process maybe? At least it did for me. I have gotten into a groove with my one cleaning bucket of supplies to simplify things a lot. It just travels with me around the home. And today on the blog, I’m sharing about five cleaning supplies to simplify your cleaning routine. I hope it helps you out today, too.

A lady sitting with her cleaning supplies.

Five cleaning supplies to simplify your cleaning routine:

  1. Microfiber cleaning cloths. These are really just so multipurpose. They pick up so, so much dirt. I use them on everything from floors to windows to walls to gross, sticky messes. I use microfiber cleaning cloths with just water, my vinegar spray, and/or soap spray depending on what the job is for. You can find the vinegar and soap spray recipes in my freebie vault if you are on my mail list. If not, you can signup HERE. Here is a blog on the benefits of using microfiber cleaning cloths.
  2. Window cloth. I have a Norwex brand cloth and you can use it with just water or wipe to dry. I’ve had mine for years and really love it! I wash my windows first with a microfiber cleaning cloth, adding a cleaner spray for really stuck on messes, and then polish with the cloth usually.
  3. Brushes for the sink and tub. I like to have a brush or two, any brand really..for deeper cleaning messes that might be more stubborn. I also hold onto old toothbrushes. Toothbrushes are great for cleaning hard to get places like around the sink and toilet crevices. And most recently during the free simply spring cleaning challenge I hosted with a blogger friend, I used a toothbrush to clean crevices on my windowsills. It worked really well!
  4. Spray bottles for DIY cleaners. I have two spray bottles right now: a vinegar cleaner spray and a natural soap spray. They serve different purposes. And I LOVE labelling them. They look so cute, I think! You can find the recipes I use for my DIY cleaners in the freebie vault, which you can gain access to by being on my mail list. The signup link is HERE. Here are some more great ideas of using spray bottles in your home.
  5. Empty containers for DIY things and baking soda. I hold onto any nice containers, whether plastic or glass for purposes like this. I have one currently in my cleaning supplies bucket for the powder I use for cleaning the tubs and toilets. You can see that in the quick video clip below!

I also linked some of these cleaning supplies to simplify your cleaning routine in my Amazon shop for you too such as the spray bottles and cleaning cloths: Canadian shop and American shop.

There are so, so many products out there for cleaning and it’s important to decide what works best, even in the area of cleaning. Getting down to the basics will help us simplify our cleaning routine and be better on our budgets (and the environment!) too. I hope you enjoyed reading about five cleaning supplies to simplify your cleaning routine. Happy cleaning!


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