How many days left until…gift giving time? I’m not counting.

We’ve kept things simplified over the years for gift giving and even with simplifying things, there are SIX of us in the home, so it’s been important to us over the years to figure out what works for us in regards to “stuff”. This will look different for every family too. Minimalism is unique to each family and what works for our family may not work for yours. Today on the blog, I’m sharing our gift Ideas for my minimalist (and homeschooling) family with actual suggestions we’re sharing with family below! Maybe you’ll find a good idea for your family too. PS This list is meant for ideas, not necessarily everything we’ll be receiving or buying for the kids ourselves.

All kids:


Origami paper


Puck paints. These have been a gamechanger in our house. NO mess!

Drawing notebooks

Painting notebooks

Pencil grips

Water colour pencils

Ikea+LEGO kit

Field guide for Mushrooms in Canada

For our nine year old:


Arduino kit pieces. Our son LOVES coding and electronics.

Outerwear size 10

Five pairs of socks (blue solid preferably)

A bike for next year. His last one he outgrew this summer (side of the road find! Woohoo!).

Tinkering book. He was obsessed with this book when we borrowed it from the library.

Small treats. He loves anything!

He loves: Building and tinkering with everything and anything.

For our seven year old:

Small transformer toys

Burgess Seashore book

Along came a Dog book

Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite Henry

Small treats. He loves anything!

He loves: Reading, audiobooks, and playing with his stuffy Beau.

For our 4.5 year old:

The Little House by Virginia Burton

The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper

Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney

Washable crayons. Also another GAMECHANGER in our house!
MP3 player for his audiobooks

Small treats. He loves anything!

He loves: Playing outside and anything that goes like his wooden trains.

For our 1.5 year old daughter:

The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

IKEA dollhouse

She loves: running around with her brothers, books, and quiet activities.

PS You can find more suggestions of things we have now in my Amazon shops too (US Amazon and Canadian Amazon shop).

An overview image of suggestions.

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