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Hi, my name is Kelly Briggs and I’m a simple home management coach. I homeschool our four children (ages 11-3) on the east coast of Canada as well as work part-time in social media. I left my teaching job over nine years ago to stay home and it was after that that I realized I needed to get better - much better - at managing the home.

A picture of me.

Picture this: I was pregnant with our third and I remember standing in the kitchen with a ginormous to do list on scrap piece paper. Suddenly, I broke into tears. I felt completely alone and overwhelmed. I felt inadequate and didn’t know where to even start with my list. That was a big turning point for me.

From there, I learned about simple planning, read about minimalism, and decluttered our whole home. I also started to create routines, starting with laundry! I had no one to show me the way forward but friends in books and I’m here at Simple Home Mom to be there for YOU if you are that mom right now. I want to be with you and help guide you to better home management. We’ve got this! … together! It brings me great joy that my years of studying and applying home management skills are being passed onto other overwhelmed stay at home moms.

I recently hit 10K followers on Instagram after quite a few years of sharing my work! That’s where you can find me hanging out the most. See you there!