Overloaded. I can certainly describe some of my days like that. Can you relate too?

Recently, my husband challenged me to take inventory of all of my roles and tasks. Like every little thing that I do every day. Even down to turning the laundry on. Today on the blog, I’m sharing with you a simple practice to improve your daily to do list and routines.

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How to start improving your daily to do list and routines

The first thing that can be very helpful in improving your daily to do list and routines is to write things down. I set aside time and wrote down as much as I could remember. The goal here is to see all of your to do list items and routines in one spot and in writing.

I’ve done this as a mental exercise before, but for some reason writing things down had a way different effect. Writing things down has so many benefits including helping whatever you write down to commit it to memory much better.

What this simple practice to improve your daily to do list and routines will reveal

The first impression of my list of all of my to do list items and routines? Whoa. My second thought? I need to learn to let go. I need to delegate more. Or reflect on more and reassess things that went on autopilot. After you write down your daily to do list and routines, you may be surprised at how long the list is or just have a sudden hit of reality of all of the things you do in a day.

And for me, when I looked at my list? There were things on there that I knew right away I could delegate to my kids (they are 10, 7, 5, and a tagalong at almost 2). One task being sorting the clean laundry. So the very next day? I gave that task to them and they loved it. See, I like doing laundry. But also… Wouldn’t it be better to free up some time and delegate where I can?

A simple practice to improve your daily to do list and routines

Ask yourself: What can you delegate today? Try writing things down, like I did. And reflect on every. little. thing. You may be surprised at what might jump out at you.

This is a simple practice I’m going to be trying to do every month going forward. It’s almost like what some do during goal setting at the end of the year looking back on the past year. I want to make it simple and plan on doing what I did the first time - a simple practice to improve my daily to do list and routines.


If you need a spot to write down your list and then be able to organize those to do list tasks and routines - to be tweaked, passed on, or chucked, you may love the free worksheet I created for you to use. You can download it HERE. I give you space to write your list and then spaces to categorize what you’d like to do with them.

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