I have a busy life at home. I homeschool. I have four children. I run a business, blog, social media, regular home and life stuff. I also enjoy keeping everything simple as much as possible. It was through bullet journaling that I found my planning peace. Today on the blog, I’m sharing with you my simple monthly planning method (that keeps me sane).

I was inspired by a group on Facebook called Minimalist Bullet Journals for this current setup. I took a few ideas from different people as well as from the original, simple setup recommended by the Bullet Journal author himself and mashed it into my own to make it work the best for me.

My current monthly plan setup

There are five steps I’m going to take you through. Obviously it’s not my actual planner as I had a kid scribble all over it, but you’ll get the idea.

A picture of my planner on the table.

Five steps for setting up my simple monthly calendar

Step one. Write down your month at the top of a new page.

Step two. List the beginning of the day and then number the days vertically down the page.

A picture of my planner on the table.

Step three. Write down repeating tasks or events. I use letters as my symbols.

Step four. Write in one off tasks or events.

Step five. Create a key for letters. I usually write that key below my calendar. (Note: this calendar setup is not in my usual planner, so it’s a much smaller space than mine. I have space to write my key below).

And that’s it! This is what’s been working for me for quite a few months now and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s probably not everyone’s jam, of course, but it’s always fun to try something new if you’re looking to experment, right?

Further reading? I enjoyed the book Eat that Frog for planning and procrastination tips as well as the Bullet Journal Method for simple planning (the method I use within my current planner setup in this blog).

PS if you’d like to chat about this method more with me, feel free to drop me a line at simplehomemom@gmail.com and I’ll also share my two favourite, simple videos for getting you started with the basics of the bullet journal method I learned from, too!

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