First off, my daily planning method is based on the bullet journal method. I’ve tweaked things over the years, so I’m going to share with you step by step how I daily plan with my simple daily planning method (for right now, that is). I like to switch things up sometimes!

I open my planner and write down the date for the next day, usually the night before. Next to the date, I also write down any appointments that I may have for that day or specific tasks that are at particular times (these are called “events” in the bullet journaling world).

A picture of the steps in my planner on the table.
Next I check my monthly calendar and transfer any task or appointment that’s for the next day into my planner (it’s called the daily log in the bullet journaling world).

Planner on the table.
Then I check over my weekly running to do list and transfer any that I’d like to get done the next day in my planner.

Planner on the table. Running to do list showing.
From there, as I’m going throughout my day, I cross off any tasks (see above) as they are completed with an “x”. If something needs to move ahead because it was unifhished, I use a “>”, and “<” when I need to transfer a task somewhere else if for a later date. Lastly, I cross out “—” if a task becomes irrelevant. This method is also something I learned from the bullet journaling method.

Further reading? I enjoyed the book Eat that Frog for planning and procrastination tips as well as the Bullet Journal Method for simple planning (the method I use within my current planner setup in this blog).


PS if you’d like to get started on daily planning or step up your planning game, I created a free printable daily planner sheet for you that you can use. You can find it here. You can also find all of my printable planners in my shop HERE.A picture of my daily planner sheet.

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