The struggle is real. Do you struggle with your screen time intake some days? Many of us do, no shame, but there is a movement of folk trying to be more aware of how they are spending their time such as the Hands Free Mama movement. I was also reading on the website - Thrive Global (helping the world’s leading enterprises unlock their people’s potential and create sustainable peak performance cultures…for work!). They are all about taking care of yourself to become more productive. I read their blog on reducing screen time and here are 5 significant ways to reduce your screen time that I’m recapping and adding my own twist too:

1. Track your screen time

This is helpful because oftentimes time passes by quickly and it can often be more than you’d think! How often do I sit down to do something, get distracted, and then BAM! It’s been 30 mins, an hour, etc. Sound familiar? And. There are apps for this too if you’re an app person.

2. Delete time-wasting apps

Unless you run an online business that needs certain platforms (I work online- most of my clients I keep in touch with are on social media, for instance), then it’s unnecessary to keep these apps around. Or another idea I’ve read about is setting a boundary for yourself to only check in on desktop vs mobile.

3. Set a timer

Can’t give up screen time as much as you’d like? Using a simple timer can help you monitor your time. Decide in advance how much time you’d like to spend, such as 15 minutes. Set and go. I often just use google’s timer by typing in to google: “set 15 minute timer”.

4. Replace your habit of picking up your screen with a new one

Replacing the habit of picking up your phone with a different habit, such as picking up a book or calling a friend.

5. Set specific times and routines for using your screens

You could set routines for yourself like: Mornings are only for using it during my morning routine, I put my phone away at 10 every night. I only use my phone for work..and so on.

And if you are majorly struggling in this area, I have a quick article to read that helps you to figure out where and why you are using screens too much! It’s so key to discover WHY so that you can reduce if that’s what you’d like to do. Tips are awesome, but without this step, it’s going to be much harder to reduce your screen time … send me an email at if you’d like to read that article too.

Hi, I’m Kelly! I’m a mother of four children - three boys, one toddler girl - and our family lives on the beautiful east coast of Canada. I’m a past elementary teacher, turned stay at home, work at home mom eight years ago after I had my second child. I’ve found that the busier I’ve become and as my children age, that it’s become even more important to figure out what is most important to me and us as a family. Living a simpler lifestyle has helped us in so many ways in our home life - from better routines to faster tidying up times. It has been through my children that I have been inspired to learn how to effectively manage my time and to simplify in all areas of my home and life. I enjoy helping busy moms simplify home life by teaching flexible planning methods and skills. Enjoyed this blog and think it would be helpful to others? I'd love if you shared it. Thank you!